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Phoenix, AZ – The National Golf Sales Rep Association has been relaunched bigger and better than ever before. “It is all about the Sales Reps” said Tom Moynihan the creator and founder of the NGSA. For 27 years Tom helped Golf Sales Reps and Manufacturers connect to better serve our golf industry. Since Tom passing 2 years ago, the NGSA has regrouped and reorganized into the most comprehensive Golf Sales Representative Association.

Thanks go out to Tony Duran, from the Duran Group who kept the ball rolling and sales reps connected. A new board was formed including many of the top leaders in our industry.

Advisors include; Tony Duran, Tom Ferris, Joe Gill, Mike Holub, Greg Knuth, Kraig Kesner, Gary Renelt, Sylvain Roy, Sean Bravakis, Greg Sanchez, Jim Quinn, Bob Tierny, Frank Tobin, Alex Sieg, Joe White, Bruce Hutchinson and Cammy West. Their years of experience, advice, and wisdom has provided the NGSA many helpful ideas that will assist Golf Sales Representatives to improve overall business, increase revenue flow, and ultimately save them money with the incredible benefits offered.

Some of the many benefits and programs that the NGSA will offer to their members include; Industry updates, Manufacturers sales reps needs, Health insurance, travel discounts, business needs discounts, sales training, one on one coaching, National conference, Webinars, conference calls and much more.

The NGSA is excited to serve our industry, taking product sales to a whole new level. The NGSA New Membership is Joe Mediate. He has years of experience as a Golf Sales Rep and will be able to serve the needs of all members.


Join us in Orlando for our Annual Meetings just for Golf Sales Reps. We will have a Golf Tournament, Educations sessions, featured speakers, Manufacturer Presentations and much more. Jan 22 thru 25 room W308D. Let us know if you can make it.

For more information contact:

Phil Immordino NGSA, Executive Director

Joe Mediate, NGSA Membership Director 401-408-9182

Visit the website here:


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