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The Magic of CBD for Pain

Here's what we've learned (and experienced) about CBD.

CBD works to minimize pain, not distract you from it. There’s a lot of science behind CBD but the main reasons CBD stands out from topical or even OTC medicines is that it naturally:

  • Raises the natural endocannabinoids (increase your pain-relieving endocannabinoid levels)

  • Reduces inflammatory response (limits the release of particular proinflammatory signals, resulting in less pain)

  • Desensitizes pain receptors (TrpV1 pain receptors when activated, get hot & desensitizes nerve endings that signal pain)

Which is Best Topical or Oral CBD?

Topical CBD solutions like the ROLL ON or EXTRA STRENGTH ROLL ON are by far the most popular CBD products for golfers.

These topicals are convenient, allow you to treat specific areas of pain and do not require ingesting the CBD. The natural compounds used in these roll ons seem to be a healthier solution and better for your skin than the popular menthol or capsaicin solutions.



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