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The Genius Idea for a Ball Marker That fits Any Putter

Alice Springs, AU – The recently launched Puttovr ball marker was developed from one golfer’s frustration on the green (and lack of a readily available ball marker), and drive to do something about it. Graham Brewster’s solution, the Puttovr, is based on a simple, yet innovative concept:

‘If your putter’s in your hand, then so is your marker.’

Designed to easily fit into the tip of any putter grip, the Puttovr ensures that golfers of all skill levels will never have to worry about fishing around in their pockets or the bottom of their bags for a ball marker again.

The Puttovr is ultra-light (weighing in at less than 1 gram); and does not alter the balance of a golfer’s putter, meeting golf regulations.

"[The Puttovr] marker sits undetected in the top of my putter…a very clever and necessary golf innovation!"

Puttovr golfer

It’s easy to putt over the Puttovr, as it lays flat and holds securely down into the green, allowing putts, chips, and tee shots to roll perfectly over the top. This saves golfers time in moving their marker and avoiding penalty shots for incorrect marker placement. When removed, Puttovr leaves no indentation in the green.

Additionally, every Puttovr features a laser cut logo alignment-line, an invaluable aid in putting accuracy.

Available in five bright colors, the Puttovr is sure to get noticed on the green for easy pickup, and with its professional packaging, serves as a great gift this holiday season.

For more information about the Puttovr, please visit:

Contact: Golf Pulp Media Phone number: 888.344.9915 Email:

About Puttovr

The Puttovr is an ultra-lightweight golf ball marker that attaches to the tip of any putter grip, ensuring that golfers are never without a marker again.



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