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Swing Align’s Breakthrough Benefits to be Featured on Morning Drive’s ‘Tee Off With Technology’

Golf Channel’s AM Show to Showcase Innovative Learning Aid This Week

The developers of the innovative Swing Align golf training aid have partnered with master marketers Revolution Golf (a division of Golf Channel and NBC Sports) to spread the word of the golf training aid’s breakthrough benefits. This coming week, Swing Align will be featured on “Morning Drive” on Golf Channel in a segment called “Tee off with Technology” to show viewers how Swing Align can improve their alignment, keep them connected through their turn and help them swing consistently time after time.

In addition, Swing Align spokesman and Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor and Golf Digest Top Young Teacher (2017 – 2019) Devan Bonebrake worked with Justin Tupper at Revolution Golf to produce content on how the device helps golfers improve. 

Swing Align, which some have called “the next great golf swing training device,” uses instant visual and biomechanical feedback to help golfers improve their swings through consistent alignment with their target line, by keeping their arms and body in-sync while rotating and by making it easy to feel the proper positions and build a consistent, repeatable golf swing. This multi-dimensional training aid was developed by golf industry veterans with more than 60 years’ experience and with input from PGA Tour players and top golf instructors.

“Two of the biggest issues golfers have are setting up properly and staying connected throughout their golf swing,” says Chris McGinley, co-founder and 30-year golf industry veteran. “The Swing Align training aid was designed to help golfers set up square and hit shots solidly by providing a strong visual indicator they can use to line up correctly to their intended target. The device uses muscle memory to develop a repeatable golf swing with more power and accuracy by keeping their arms and body synchronized when rotating.”

Revolution Golf is running an online campaign which features Swing Align video demonstrations, one-of-kind video lessons by Bonebrake and exclusive pricing on the Swing Align Standard Bundle and Swing Align Pro Bundle. The Pro Bundle includes everything needed to improve full swing distance and accuracy along with short game and putting benefits.

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Swing Align is a wearable device featuring a highly visible alignment rod that runs through adjustable arm cuffs that swivel and are held together by a flexible connection belt. This allows golfers to use the training device to make an athletic swing with any of their golf clubs, from the driver to irons, wedges or putter. The training aid comes in standard or XL sizes and has an optional, ground-based alignment product with a sliding ball position indicator puck.

Swing Align provides multiple solutions to improve many aspects of the golf swing. It is designed to be primarily worn on the upper body across the biceps for swing training but can also be worn on the lower body just above the knees for additional short game training.

“Most golfers including many of my students, struggle with alignment, rotating the body correctly, or staying connected during the golf swing,” said Bonebrake. “The great thing about Swing Align is it works on all of those aspects – whether you’re a scratch golfer, or brand new to golf. I don’t know of a more versatile training aid than Swing Align.”

Most golf learning aids only offer one element of feedback. Swing Align is a great golf alignment aid, shows common backswing flaws and helps golfers to fully rotate their shoulders on plane while using the big muscles to keep the arms and body synchronized and “connected.” In addition, Swing Align provides great visual feedback at the top of the backswing. If the alignment rod is perpendicular to the target line at the top of the swing, the body has properly rotated. If the alignment rod is horizontal to the ground, or pointed slightly down, the body has maintained the proper spine angle and swing plane while rotating.

Swing Align is the perfect tool for arm-body synchronization. The connection belt keeps the arms from separating from the body and from each other during the swing, freeing the golfer up to focus on using those larger muscles to rotate and power the golf swing.

“One of the great things about Swing Align is how you can use it to hit balls with full-swing shots and stay connected developing important muscle memory in the golf swing,” explains Bonebrake. “The connection belt guides your movement, and because it holds the arms together you can’t help but properly deliver and release the club squarely. You can set up and take full-speed swings with any club and be confident that Swing Align will keep you better aligned and connected.”

McGinley says partnering with Revolution Golf was strategic and an ideal way to introduce Swing Align to a large audience of golfers that want to improve. “Justin Tupper and Revolution Golf have built one of the most golf-savvy communities around. They immediately recognized the multiple benefits of Swing Align. We’re excited about getting Swing Align Bundles into the hands of avid Revolution Golfers who will spread the word on the immediate impact this innovative feedback device has on their golf swings,” McGinley said.

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