Swing Align’s Breakthrough Benefits to be Featured on Morning Drive’s ‘Tee Off With Technology’

Golf Channel’s AM Show to Showcase Innovative Learning Aid This Week

The developers of the innovative Swing Align golf training aid have partnered with master marketers Revolution Golf (a division of Golf Channel and NBC Sports) to spread the word of the golf training aid’s breakthrough benefits. This coming week, Swing Align will be featured on “Morning Drive” on Golf Channel in a segment called “Tee off with Technology” to show viewers how Swing Align can improve their alignment, keep them connected through their turn and help them swing consistently time after time.

In addition, Swing Align spokesman and Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor and Golf Digest Top Young Teacher (2017 – 2019) Devan Bonebrake worked with Justin Tupper at Revolution Golf to produce content on how the device helps golfers improve. 

Swing Align, which some have called “the next great golf swing training device,” uses instant visual and biomechanical feedback to help golfers improve their swings through consistent alignment with their target line, by keeping their arms and body in-sync while rotating and by making it easy to feel the proper positions and build a consistent, repeatable golf swing. This multi-dimensional training aid was developed by golf industry veterans with more than 60 years’ experience and with input from PGA Tour players and top golf instructors.