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Smart Footwear for Golf

There's officially no more reasons for you to suck at golf. I mean, c'mon now there are shoe insoles that can show you crucial data on weight transfer and a host of other data points to make sure you put your best foot forward on the golf course.

SALTED created a Smart insole that is an IoT based wearable device. These high-tech shoe insoles provide corrective exercise solutions based on the foot pressure and weight shift data.

So what does that mean?

The pressure sensor is embedded in an insole, which tracks the foot pressure and the weight shift to assess the walking pattern and the body type. ‘Salted Golf’ is a solution application for the proper golf swing, but also can be received solutions from ‘Salted Balance’, ‘Salted Training’, which is a solution application for the body balance.

Wow, I wish I was smart enough to tell you how it works but I'm head over to their website to see how they work.


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