Sept Perspective: Is Pay-go Golf Part of Industry “Fix”?

Dear Golf Industry Professional: As the FedEx money chase continues and is interestingly being eclipsed by the Ryder Cup PR and passions (although the former offers a million dollar payout and the latter simply bragging rights), those of us in the operations trenches move into the shoulder season here in the north while the southern climates gear up to shift into their primetime as the heat subsides. Hurricane Florence has done its damage to the SE Coast and local owner/operators and now works its way north through the Ohio River Valley bringing rain and dampening the September results for a swath of courses in its path. It’s a challenging close to the 3rd quarter and will no doubt be an asterisk on the demand and revenue statements for a number of courses at year end.

This month’s lead story takes a look at the developing technology and interest by golfers and owner/operators alike in the Pay-as-you-go (Pay-go) consumer offering. Publisher Jim Koppenhaver takes a look at the experience and some of the early consumer and courses adoption and his take on what appears to be a solution to 2 of the 3 key barriers to increased participation and rounds: Time and Cost (it doesn’t however address Jim’s challenge; lack of skill). The multiple competitors in this space aren’t having viral success but the fundamental concept and the use of technology appear sound; at this point it will be up to the adoption rate by courses and the consumer trial and repeat metrics:

September Pellucid Perspective