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Ready, steady, go! New app shows golfers when their head moves during swing

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Steady Head has launched the Steady Head™ Golf Swing Trainer, an app that shows golfers when their head moves during swing. Available for all levels and types of swings, the app can be easily customized to meet every golfer’s needs.

In golf, the head is the center of balance (center of pivot), and maintaining a steady head is the most essential part of the golf swing. In his book, “My Story”, Jack Nicklaus noted, “The first and most important fundamental concerned your head. You had to keep it in place throughout the swing, not rigidly anchored, but steady.”

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Golfers often find this a challenge to understand or achieve ─ until now.

Steady Head detects your face when you set up to the ball, draws a boundary around your head, tracks your movement during your swing, and provides feedback in real-time if the boundary is broken.

Using Steady Head results in the following improvements for golfers:

Consistent, repeatable swing

Better ball contact

Faster clubhead speed

Higher shots

Real-time feedback for immediate correction

“The app tells me in real-time when my head moves too much, not after the fact.”

─Chris Ward, Denver, CO, 9 hcp

Golfers can now download the Steady Head app from the iTunes store for use on their iPhone or iPad devices here:

For more information and to download the app, please visit:

About Steady Head

Steady Head is a golf swing trainer app that helps golfers understand when their head is not steady during their swing. This allows for immediate correction and a more consistent, repeatable swing.




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