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Power Package Launches Training Aid for Junior Golfers

Palm Desert, CA – Power Package Golf, the most effective golf swing training tool that teaches a tour-level swing is proud to announce the launch of Power Package Junior.

The easy-to-use training aid is designed to teach junior golfers ages 6-13 (or golfers with a smaller profile), proper wrist action, proper width and lag, maintaining a square club face, and keeping the club on plane throughout the swing.

The #1 swing trainer on tour was developed by Chris Walkey, a top-ranked golf instructor and Director of Instruction at the Palms Golf Club in La Quinta, California. Since the launch of Power Package in 2016, the device has been seen on tour, used by some of the biggest names in golf.

The Junior model is designed exactly like the original model and is already being touted as the best way to teach Junior golfers flawless swing fundamentals.


  • Develop Perfect Swing Mechanics

  • Fast Track Improvement

  • Learn to Square the Club Face

  • Develop Perfect Wrist Set & Takeaway

  • Easy To Use for Ages 6-13

“The Power Package Golf swing training aid is the result of my decades of experience providing lessons to golfers of all levels,” said Walkey.  “I’ve had tour professionals, like Tom Pernice Jr., as early adopters of the device as well as have had beginners learn with the device and all have seen improvements and continued consistency with their swings.  It’s easy to use, consistent, effective, and convenient.  It’s like having a pro on the go.”

The Power Package swing trainer can fix:

  • Improper wrist set

  • A too flat or upright swing plane

  • Open or closed club face

  • Club too far across the line or laid off at the top of the backswing

  • Tendency to overswing and loss of width

  • Early release on downswing

  • Lack of body rotation through the ball

Power Package Junior is perfect for junior academies and young golfers, learn more here:

For more information, please contact:

About Power Package Golf Power Package Golf was developed by top-ranked golf instructor Chris Walkey to provide consumers with a golf swing training device that would simultaneously correct the most frequent faults golfers face with their golf swing.  The training aid is being used by golfers of all levels from beginners to touring pros all with the same purpose – to help golfers create the optimal swing fundamentals.



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