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PGA Show Award-Winning ‘SwingProfile’ Still Best In Class for Golf Swing Analysis

SwingProfile, the innovative golf swing application for iPhone which earned “Best Overall Product” honors at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, has continued to prove that it is a valuable tool for golfers looking to improve their swing. In over 6 years, Swing Profile is one of the most sought after golf mobile apps in app stores.

SwingProfile works by instantly analyzing the player’s golf swing sequence, frame by frame, and then automatically displaying it much like the pull-out pages in Golf Digest. This innovative technology captures only the physical movement of the golf swing, thus eliminating the need to search, trim or edit the video.

SwingProfile provides instant synchronization of two different swings, matching the tempo and key positions exactly. This feature is ideal for comparing users’ swings to friends or professionals by capturing their swing in person, on television or even off YouTube.

Best of all, SwingProfile’s platform makes it easy to share your swing to Facebook, Twitter and thru email. “If you want to improve your swing with just one trip to the driving range or even on the golf course, then this is the swing application for you.

Visit for more information or to see SwingProfile in action. To download SwingProfile, simply visit the App store online or on your iPhone or iPad.



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