OnCore Announces Major Partnerships to Elevate the Golf Experience

Initiatives Demonstrate Company’s Continued Emphasis and Focus on Technology and User Experience

OnCore Golf Technology, a privately-held company that has introduced some of the most disruptive new technologies into the game of golf over the past several years, is excited to announce its latest partnerships with Spot Golf and Vuzix (NASDAQ: VUZI) – bringing together the most innovative approaches to merging golf, augmented reality, and entertainment.  The partnership with Spot Golf will bring the exciting world of golf entertainment centers, popularized by companies including Topgolf and Drive Shack (NYSE: DS), into urban centers by introducing unique, proprietary facility designs that will offer both golf and non-golf experiences available nowhere else.  The facilities will showcase OnCore Golf’s technological advancements and partnerships, including the GENiUS ball and augmented reality golf experiences with the Vuzix BladeTM glasses.   Locations under study include Buffalo, NY, Knoxville, TN, Columbus, OH, and several others. 

Vuzix, a leading developer of smart and augmented reality glasses, is partnering with OnCore to create instructional, entertainment, and educational programs that golfers of all skill levels can enjoy and at any venue – including driving ranges, golf entertainment centers, on the golf course, and at home.  OnCore and Vuzix plan to first introduce the AR golf experience at driving ranges and practice facilities beginning early in 2019.  By mid-year, the companies expect the GENiUS ball and BladeTM combination to be available for golfers to use in actual course play and will include instructional and caddying advice using a network of both professional golf instructors and artificial intelligence.  The world of augmented and virtual reality has been one of the hottest sectors in recent years with companies like Magic Leap, who have received over $3 billion of venture funding in the past several years, Microsoft (Hololens), Google, and Apple all vying for a foothold in the consumer marketplace.