NextLinks Innovations Driving Golf Participation

With opening of ‘Shots in the Night’ and new utility patent, California-based technology brand is poised to impact future participation

When NextLinks CEO Dave Shultz joined the golf business nearly 4 years ago, he brought a fearless ingenuity honed on avionics and aerospace engineering projects like the development of Boeing’s 787 aircraft. With his full attention now on NextLinks (a leading golf brand using technology to create interactive golf gaming experiences) and boosting golf’s stagnating participation numbers, Shultz’s innovative side is beginning to turn heads in and beyond the golf industry.

With the successful October launch of “Shots in the Night” at Indian Wells Golf Resort (Indian Wells, Calif.), golfers have a new place to sample the creative golf games powered by NextLinks’ proprietary software. Every Thursday through Saturday night, the picturesque seven-green Putting Experience at Indian Wells is illuminated with colored lasers that project an entertaining array of NextLinks putting games like Golf Horse, Golf Darts, Golf Shuffleboard, Golf Beer Pong and Golf Corn Hole, as well as competitive longer format games like Around the World and the Signature Short Game Challenge.

Alongside DJ-spun music, a full-service outdoor bar, a chef-curated food truck operation and a driving range adorned with 20-ft inflatable, glow-in-the-dark targets that react with lights and sound effects when struck by glow-in-the-dark golf balls, NextLinks is making golf fun and accessible to the Coachella Valley guests and residents.

From a business perspective, “Shots in the Night” enables Indian Wells to do something unprecedented—make revenue on golf after the sun goes down. Projected revenues for the project’s first year of operation are expected at about $700,000. For a property that was previously shutting off the cash register at sunset, that’s big news.

“We’re already seeing