New swing training aid delivers crisp, flawless contact with the ball

Precision Impact is a new swing training aid for golfers of all ages that provides top-quality practice for every club in the bag (including putting).

With Precision Impact, golfers can accelerate the learning process for the entire swing:

  • Proper wrist set (audible feedback)

  • Correct backswing rotation lag (Critical)

  • Aggressive rotation through impact

  • High, balanced finish

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This product offers audible feedback to help golfers set/load their wrist at the top of their golf swing. Once set at the top, a mechanism is engaged and will not allow improper scooping or casting of the hands.

Because of this, a golfer-in-training is forced to aggressively rotate his/her hips and shoulders, which causes precise contact with the ball and will increase clubhead speed, accuracy, and distance. A 360 degree ball & socket type hinge allows complete and comfortable freedom of movement of the hands.

With time and repetitive use, a golfer-in-training can expect his/her muscles to adapt to their new 'technically sound' swing through muscle-memory. Once this transition happens, it will only be necessary to use this product periodically for swing maintenance.