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New swing training aid delivers crisp, flawless contact with the ball

Precision Impact is a new swing training aid for golfers of all ages that provides top-quality practice for every club in the bag (including putting).

With Precision Impact, golfers can accelerate the learning process for the entire swing:

  • Proper wrist set (audible feedback)

  • Correct backswing rotation lag (Critical)

  • Aggressive rotation through impact

  • High, balanced finish

This product offers audible feedback to help golfers set/load their wrist at the top of their golf swing. Once set at the top, a mechanism is engaged and will not allow improper scooping or casting of the hands.

Because of this, a golfer-in-training is forced to aggressively rotate his/her hips and shoulders, which causes precise contact with the ball and will increase clubhead speed, accuracy, and distance. A 360 degree ball & socket type hinge allows complete and comfortable freedom of movement of the hands.

With time and repetitive use, a golfer-in-training can expect his/her muscles to adapt to their new 'technically sound' swing through muscle-memory. Once this transition happens, it will only be necessary to use this product periodically for swing maintenance.

Here’s some feedback from customers who are using Precision Impact.

"Great, immediate feedback"

"Added more distance"

"Helps with wrist cock"

"Perfect ball striking all the time"

"I've never hit the ball so consistently..."

For more information, or to get your Precision Impact, visit:

Media Contact:

Ed Sanchez, President and CEO, Golf Pulp Media

Phone: 1-888-344-9915


About Precision Impact

With Precision Impact, golfers at all levels can feel, and learn to repeat, this mind-blowing sensation of crisp ball striking – and it works for every shot in your bag.


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