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LongShot Golf Inc. Launches New “Factory Direct” Website

We invented the Impact Label … accept NO substitutes!

The LongShot Impact Recording Label is the most widely used teaching, training and club fitting aid in golf. Our custom designed private branded labels are an integral part of major clubmaker fitting systems worldwide. Teaching pros and individual golfers rely on the accurate feedback LongShot Impact Recorders produce.

We invented the Impact Label and have continued to refine and improve it for over 30 years. Every custom and LongShot branded Impact Label is manufactured in our Michigan plant and is 100% Made in the U.S.A. Rigid quality control insures residue free application and removal, vivid multi-impact readings and shred-free performance. Specific shapes and package assortments have been designed to fit every need and budget.

While LongShot products are sold in golf shops, on Amazon and through major golf retailers, the best source remains our corporate web site … For 2019 we have completely redesigned and relaunched our Factory Direct site. A wide variety of consumer packages starting at only $8.95 have been added, as well as an increased number of Pro Packs for industry and OEM use. The Clearance section features an expanded variety of our popular overrun roll packs. At over 70% off, these packs offer bulk users an exceptional value. The Test Tape offerings have also been enhanced to better serve the industrial testing market.

The biggest news is that the new site now includes FREE U.S. Shipping on most (except clearance items) products. Discounts of 10% on orders over $50.00 and 20% on orders over $250.00 are always available. Payment options (including PayPal) have also been improved. Export shipments available upon request.

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I have used the torpedo grip made by your company for years .I am sorry to find out that you have quit providing the product. There is no other option as that grip is the only grip made with the alignment strips built in , there is no other .

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