😎 It's Summer Time! PEAKVISION sunglasses are 15% OFF. YES!

PEAKVISION Summer Holiday Celebration Sale

In honor of the Fourth of July Holiday and our nation’s birthday celebration, PEAKVISION Sunglasses is offering golfers a discount of 15% on all styles on www.peakvision.com.

The web site has visuals of what it’s like to look through the superior quality of PEAKVISION lens which provide three-times the visual information with extreme clarity for golfers and zero distortion. The clarity enables golfers to see better and read the contours of the fairways and greens better. The lens also provide protection from the sun and glare.

“During these hot summer months, you’ll definitely want to keep your PEAKVISION sunglasses on, especially when you’re putting,” says David Feaser, CEO, PEAKVISION Sunglasses. “The lenses will protect your eyes from ultra-violet rays and glare. Our Dual Zone hybrid lenses are made up of a 20% Neutral-Gray Upper Zone that manages oncoming glare, while the Lower Zone is comprised of a 60% Amber which increases contrast and allows for an impeccable read on the greens.”