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Introducing the first golf swing system custom-tailored to a golfer’s body type

Ottawa, ON – When it comes to improving a golf swing, there’s no “one-swing-fits-all” approach. A golfer’s specific body type needs a swing training system that’s custom-tailored to truly optimize results.

Founded by national long drive champion Mike Dagenais, BTS Golf is the first golf swing system for golfers of all skill levels that incorporates this science behind the swing. Utilizing biomechanics, BTS incorporates “smart” technology for a complete body scan which is then matched to a golfer’s perfect model swing.

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Then, this revolutionary approach creates a swing improvement program unique to each golfer, detailing what to focus on specifically during play and practice.

When golfers start swinging the BTS way, they can expect a more natural swing with less constraints or restrictions. Golfers instantly experience:

  • Gained distance through improved ball striking

  • Improved accuracy and shots closer to the flag

  • Increased swing consistency for lower scores

“The first week I started using the BTS System, I was able to fix a swing problem I did not know was due to my body type. The next week, I won my first AM Tour event,” said Jay Gregory, Amateur Golfer, Tampa, Florida.

BTS is the best value in golf instruction and in golf game improvement. In addition to the customized training modules, this comprehensive System includes:

  • Instructional videos that are designed to teach the model swing that Tour players who share a body type have developed through trial and error.

  • A BTS bag for portability and convenience.

  • Downloadable PDF files attached to each drill in a golfer’s program.

  • Access to a video of a golfer’s model swing to compare your progress and swing positions and movements to those of the model that matches a golfer’s specific body type.

  • Each drill in the BTS Program includes a “pro tip” explaining the “why’s” of the drill and what to focus on when doing it.

  • A bonus “short game” section to help get the ball closer to the hole around the greens.

To celebrate the launch of BTS Golf, the company is providing a $100 Discount with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Use code: improve at checkout.

To learn more about how body type can influence a swing, visit:

About BTS Golf

BTS is the first golf swing system for golfers of all skill levels that incorporates this science behind the swing.



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