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Introducing LiveView Golf and the Digital Swing Mirror!

Golfers of all levels are about to discover an accelerated path to achieving a tour-quality golf swing thanks to LiveView Golf, the golf studio that fits in your pocket.

Using Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) technology, the LiveView camera and app enables users to watch themselves swing in real time, just like looking in a mirror. The camera is compact and easy to position at any angle, giving golfers the perspective of a coach and the flexibility to examine every part of their swing.

LiveView Golf is the brainchild of Shane Yang, a Silicon Valley strategic advisor whose children learned golf with PGA Professional Patrick Parrish. Noting the improvements his children made with Parrish’s video-based instruction, Yang began to wondered how they might benefit even more if they could watch themselves in real time, correcting mistakes in the moment. Yang shared his vision with Parrish, and together they set out to design a new product that would permanently change the way golfers practice.

📷Now, supported by an advisory board that includes PGA professionals Dave Phillips, James Sieckmann, and Martin Hall, Yang and Parrish have launched LiveView Golf—a cutting edge concept that accelerates improvement and facilitates autonomous learning for golfers of all levels.

LiveView Golf offers all the benefits of a fully equipped golf studio . . . but with portability and an accessible price tag.

Purchase of LiveView Golf includes the pocket-sized LiveView camera and the LiveView Golf app, compatible with both tablet and smart phone. The LiveView camera connect to the user’s tablet or smart phone wirelessly. Thanks to a structural feature on the back of the device, users can snap their LiveView camera onto a vertically positioned alignment rod, enabling them to place the camera at virtually any height and any angle.

Users can then observe their swing motion in real time on their smart phone or tablet. LiveView Golf employs Digital Swing Mirror technology, providing golfers with a mirror image of their motion for easier, on-the-spot adjustments.

The cutting-edge designs of theLiveView Golf camera and app include such sophisticated features as:

  • Automatic Swing Detect, which sets the app to record each swing from two seconds before to two seconds after.

  • Instant slow motion replay, offering users a clearer, more complete view of their swing.

  • Swing Tools, enabling golfers to draw coaching objects into their live and recorded video, including swing plane lines and circles to monitor head movement.

  • Two-hour battery with a USB charger.

  • Wireless connection between the camera and the user’s tablet or phone. No internet connection needed!

Video instruction has long been a trusted method for fostering self-awareness and effective practice among golfers. Now, with LiveView Golf, anyone can take those same strides at an accelerated pace. With the live mirror image, golfers can catch errors as they make them. And best of all, these game-changing benefits are available on your own schedule, anytime without a complicated golf studio.

If you’re interested in introducing LiveView Golf to your audience or clients, now is the time to get in contact.

For sales or purchase inquiries, contact  LiveView Golf at (408) 213-2030.

For more information on how to take part in the promotion of LiveView Golf or marketing inquiries, contact Tyler Prins at or by phone at 605-351-4378.


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