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Hazeltine National Golf Club Superintendent Lauds StrackaLine’s New Hole Location Software

Former PGA Championship, Ryder Cup Host Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — StrackaLine’s new Hole Location (Holo) software has been met with rave reviews by early-adopting golf course superintendents. To gain a greater perspective on superintendents are utilizing and benefiting from the new Holo, we sat down for a Q-and-A with Chris Tritabaugh, the superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club, a former host of the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup.

What about the recent update has most impressed you?

CT: The numbering system* is really helpful. For example – we had an event last week which had some specific requests for spots. Even though a sheet has already been created, I can go in and change those specific holes with the numbers as a very easy reference to either where the hole has been, or where it will be soon. Very handy.

*The numbering system is referring to the new Green Manager, which randomly assigns approximately 100-150 pin positions per green (based on green size) and allows superintendents to manage the positions based on external factors, including turf quality, greens speed et al.

How do the new features assist you as superintendent?

CT: Since the numbering system went into place, I’ve more or less been able to let the system handle the day to day creation of hole locations without intervention and without concern over “bad” hole locations.

Do the new features help improve the golfer experience and if so, how?

CT: Two items come to mind in regard to how the new features improve the golfer experience. 1) More variety. I believe the manner in which holes are selected achieves a great deal of variety each day. 2) Consistency of course yardage day to day.

What have you learned as a result of using the software?

CT: I believe a superintendent and his staff will gain a stronger understanding of the influence of slopes on their greens. Given the new system, it’s very easy to go back and review a past hole location. We’ve all had times when someone makes a comment about particular hole locations, or a complete set of locations; either “I really liked this one,” or “I really disliked that one.” The Strackaline Holo system makes it really easy to revisit a hole location or set of hole locations and understand why it was liked or disliked.

What would you say to course superintendents who are thinking about using the Holo software?

CT: This software will make the task of setting hole locations both easier and more fun. I also believe the awareness of slopes that comes with the lasering will help one not only in the area of course set up, but also when it comes to cultural practices like hand-watering and supplemental fertilizer applications.

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