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Golf Elevator - Dry Grip - No Distraction - Putt Better

The Golf Elevator from Speedstik Innovations will change the way you play golf by providing a dry grip, no distractions and improve your putting. It keeps your grip clean and dry while putting or chipping on wet turf. Eliminates the pain of bending to pick up the club from the ground and helps prevent lost clubs as the unique design keeps the club in better view. The Golf Elevator easily mounts on the top of the club. The “Kickstand” extends to keep the grip elevated off the wet ground, and retracts into the club shaft when not in use.

The Golf Elevator protects the club’s grip from contamination of fertilizers, pesticides, toxic chemicals, bird or animal waste and protects your hands, glove and face. By keeping your glove dry, it helps extend the life of the glove and saves the cost of replacement gloves. The durable, all stainless steel Golf Elevator is designed, manufactured and assembled in the US. It features a removable magnetic ball marker that fits on top for easy use when you need it.

The Golf Elevator makes the perfect gift for any golfer, is ideal as a tee prize, goody bag favor, and sponsor’s or Pro Shop gift. It can be imprinted with custom logos for tournament, business or organization gifts.

The Golf Elevator is available at pro shops, sporting goods retailers, ASI or PPAI distributors, golf and sports catalogs, green grass retailers or at Email 508-365-6635

Media Contact:

Speedstik Innovations “Golf Elevator”

Michael Roy

Southampton, MA




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