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Calling All Blade Runners...

L.A.B. Golf Launches BLāD.1, A Blade That Actually Hits The Bullseye

Absolute tradition meets absolute technology with the launch of BLāD.1 from L.A.B. Golf, the first and only blade putter to feature the company’s revolutionary Lie Angle Balance technology.

BLāD.1 was created in response to a small, but consistent percentage of golfers who reached out to L.A.B. Golf with the same question: “Can you bring Lie Angle Balance to a blade?”

“After many, many prototypes, we’re excited to launch a putter specifically for blade lovers,” said L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn. “BLāD.1 is a truly modern blade that doesn’t just look the part; it offers real technology that will change the way golfers think about putting.”


The design of BLāD.1 was inspired by one of golf’s most beloved putter designs, the bullseye-style putters that were first introduced more than 70 years ago. What makes BLāD.1 totally different is the addition of Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.), the patented technology L.A.B. Golf developed to eliminate torque from the design of a putter.

“Bringing Lie Angle Balance to BLāD.1 wasn’t easy, but we were fully committed to making it happen,” said Bill Press, L.A.B. Golf’s Founder and SVP of R&D. “In every sense, this was a passion project for us. We asked ourselves, ‘Can we really offer the feel and simplicity of a bullseye and include all the benefits of Lie Angle Balance?’ We weren’t going to stop until we figured it out.”

BLāD.1 is available in both stainless steel and brass models. Each version of the putter is 100 percent milled from a solid block of stainless steel and made in the USA.

Craftsmen at the L.A.B. Golf factory build all BLāD.1 putters to order, precisely Lie Angle Balancing them by hand through the addition of four custom weight screws — two in the toe of the putter, and in the heel section of the putter.


Golfers can determine their optimal L.A.B. Golf putter specifications online through a free Remote Fitting, a process that identifies the ideal putter length, lie angle, shaft type, and grip type. Custom shaft options include the BST Stability Shaft, the LAGP OZIK TP, the FST Tour in Matte Black and Matte Silver.

BLāD.1 is currently available at L.A.B. Golf Authorized Retailers and through the company’s website starting at $399. The company’s oversized, high-MOI mallet putter, DF 2.1, comes in a choice of Black, Red, and Blue and starts at $425.


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