Calling All Blade Runners...

L.A.B. Golf Launches BLāD.1, A Blade That Actually Hits The Bullseye

Absolute tradition meets absolute technology with the launch of BLāD.1 from L.A.B. Golf, the first and only blade putter to feature the company’s revolutionary Lie Angle Balance technology.

BLāD.1 was created in response to a small, but consistent percentage of golfers who reached out to L.A.B. Golf with the same question: “Can you bring Lie Angle Balance to a blade?”

“After many, many prototypes, we’re excited to launch a putter specifically for blade lovers,” said L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn. “BLāD.1 is a truly modern blade that doesn’t just look the part; it offers real technology that will change the way golfers think about putting.”


The design of BLāD.1 was inspired by one of golf’s most beloved putter designs, the bullseye-style putters that were first introduced more than 70 years ago. What makes BLāD.1 totally different is the addition of Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.), the patented technology L.A.B. Golf developed to eliminate torque from the design of a putter.