APGS 2019 - A 5G Mindset – The Power Of 5G People!

Without a doubt, the rapidly changing technology landscape is proving to be both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s a challenge for those who try and sweep the advent of technology under the rug; and it’s an opportunity with boundless rewards for those who embrace it with open arms.

While it is acknowledged that new technology will make your business faster, better and more efficient, what about an invaluable resource – your PEOPLE?

In a golf club environment, there is only one thing that has the POWER to drastically improve the satisfaction of your members, the delivery of your products and the results of your business... and that is your people!

For the answers, the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit has turned to 30-year golf industry veteran James Cronk, President of the Cronk Group. Considered a global expert in his field, Cronk has come back with a plan that offers three steps on how to get your people POWERED ON:

First, your team needs to be ‘Plugged In’ to know what your club is all about, what your members and customers want, what your goals are and how they can help you achieve them;

Second, you need ‘Power Tools’ to ensure consistency and to make sure that your team has the systems and structure to achieve success. Establishing standards and processes, training to those standards and then assessing performance is the cycle needed for consistent performance;