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APGS 2019 – A 5G Mindset – The Age Of Super Grasses Is Here!

This is a clarion call to all golf course owners, general managers and course superintendents regarding the choice of turf for a golf course. Choice of turf is wide, but the choice of the best suited turf given climatic conditions, use of nutrients, water, fertilisers and pesticides are the factors that need to be seriously considered. It is especially so because for all intents and purposes, an investment in turf, is an expensive undertaking that one must live with for a long time. Hence, making the right choice is of utmost importance.

The 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2019) will be looking at turf in the context of “hybrid super grasses” that have come on stream that are ideally suited to warm climate conditions. Over the years, golf courses have placed their bets on claims made by various third-party suppliers on the attributes of a specific type of grass or grasses which have oftentimes left course owners holding the baby.

Today, there are super grasses that are not sold purely on claims. They are sold and planted based on scientific proof and proven track records.

With many golf courses due for renovation and re-turfing coming up in the years ahead, APGS 2019 has reached out to David Doguet, President of Bladerunner Farms, the world’s largest privately held research and development facility which specialises in Zoysia grass. Bladerunner Farms is known for its scientific breakthroughs in zoysiagrass research and for breeding programmes that promise to change the way golf courses are grassed.

One of the super grass species from Bladerunner Farms is the highly acclaimed Zeon which Doguet describes as follows: “The quality of the playing surface along with the savings on inputs such as weed control, disease pressure, less mowing and the big one less water use should get owners attention.

Doguet will be presenting a fact-filled case to support that Zeon is “a sustainable, low water, low inputs, lower maintenance costs family of grass.”

Zoysiagrass made its first appearance at APGS back in 2007 and was followed up with various presentations annually until 2011. This tradition continues with the latest on Zeon which is proving very popular in Southeast Asia with numerous courses opting to turf with this super-grass.

Doguet’s Bladerunner Farms works in conjunction with the University of Georgia and Texas A&M University to conduct its research.

Doguet is one of some twenty world-class speakers who have been booked to speak at APGS 2019.

The Summit will be staged on November 4 – 6 in the futuristic Indian city of Gurugram and the venue will be the multi-award winning DLF Golf and Country Club.

Delegate registration to the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit is now open at :

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APGS 2019 - The 13th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!



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